6-in-1 Multi-functional Hair Clipper Set Haircut
6-in-1 Multi-functional Hair Clipper Set Haircut
6-in-1 Multi-functional Hair Clipper Set Haircut
6-in-1 Multi-functional Hair Clipper Set Haircut

6-in-1 Multi-functional Hair Clipper Set Haircut

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Product color: champagne gold matte black
Material composition: ABS
Goods packing: 40PCS
Basic configuration: razor, hair clipper, eyebrow trimmer, nose hair machine, positioning comb, charger, manual, etc.

【Charging method】
1. Be sure to use AC 220V / 50Hz for charging
2. Turn off the switch, push out the charging pin, and plug it into the power socket.
3. When the switch is not closed, it cannot be charged.
4. When charging, the charging indicator lights.
5. The standard charging time is 8 hours.
Don't charge in the area where the rated voltage exceeds 240V, otherwise it will malfunction.
Do not charge continuously for more than 24 hours, and do not charge when the temperature is below 0 ℃ or exceeds 40 ℃, otherwise it will shorten the battery life.
Never rinse the body with water or bring it into the bathroom, otherwise it will malfunction.
When the body is dirty, wipe it with a soft cloth and neutral detergent. Do not use alcohol or gasoline to wipe the test.
When the product is abnormal during charging or use (such as odor, temperature, abnormal sound), immediately turn off the power and stop using it.
Proper use and maintenance of the electric shaver not only can achieve satisfactory shaving results, but also can extend the service life of the electric shaver. Pay attention to the following aspects when using.
1. Pay attention to the polarity of the dry battery or charger when connecting the power supply to prevent the motor from reversing, which can damage the fixed and moving blades.
2. When shaving, you should slowly push the fixed blade against the face and move it against the direction of the beard growth, so that the beard can smoothly enter the mesh. If you move along the beard, it will overwhelm the beard, which is not conducive to entering the mesh.
3. The electric shaver is not suitable for shaving long beards, so it is better to shave every 4 days or so. If the beard is very long, you should use a clipper or small scissors to shorten the beard first, and then shave it with an electric shaver. If there are no clippers or small scissors, multiple shaving methods should be used. First, the fixed blade (net cover) is perpendicular to the beard and touches the skin, shave the beard shorter, and then proceed according to 2.
4. When using an electric shaver with a clipper, the blade of the clipper should be moved at a vertical angle to the face to shave the beard.
5. Once the rolling stop occurs during shaving, the power should be turned off and restarted, and the shaving should be continued after the motor rotates normally.
6. The fixed blade of the electric shaver is very thin, and it cannot be deformed or damaged by forced pressure.
7. The dry battery type electric shaver should be taken out after it is used up or left unused for a long time, so as to prevent the battery from moisture leakage, causing unnecessary corrosion damage. The AC shaver should be cut off after use and pulled out to ensure safety. The rechargeable electric shaver cannot discharge the power supply too much. If the battery is insufficient, it should be charged before use. If it is left unused for a long time, it should be recharged regularly (about three months).
8. A small amount of lubricating oil should be added to the bearing regularly to reduce wear. Non-wet electric shaver, do not clean with water or alcohol and other volatile chemicals. If the blade is not stainless steel, if it is not used for a long time, a thin layer of oil should be applied to the blade to prevent rust from damaging the blade.
9. After using the shaver each time, use a small brush to sweep away the dirt such as beard hair, and do not allow the dirt to pile up, otherwise the motor will be stuck or the transmission will be blocked. At the same time, once the shavings and greasy skin are cured on the blade, it will affect the sharpness of the blade.

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