Tooth Whitener

Tooth Whitener

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 Are you tired of trying countless teeth whitening products that don't work?

At last! Superior whitening and dental care are within your reach. Our Tooth Whitener is the most effective and safe solution to remove stains, eliminate bad breath and have healthy teeth and gums. Be confident and show the world that radiant smile!


Bright white smile just got easier! With the advanced whitening power of  Fresh and Shining teeth-cleaning mousse, you don't have to spend a fortune on dental appointments. In just 14 days of proper use, you can see a dramatic improvement on your teeth and gums. 



      Key Benefits :
  • Save time and money - get the pearly white teeth you always wanted without spending a fortune. 
  • Safe, quick-acting and effective, made with natural herb extracts that accelerates the whitening process and leaves a fresh flavor that lasts. 
  • Easy to carry and ideal for travels, thoughtfully packaged to ensure it won't leak or spill on your stuff.


 How to Use : 
1. Squeeze a proper amount of foam into your mouth, balloon your checks to allow the foam to flow over your gums, tongue and the inside lining of your lips and checks.  
2. Spit the foam out in 10-15 seconds
3. Squeeze a proper amount of foam on your toothbrush and gently brush your teeth and tongue for 2-3 minutes. 
4. Rinse out and feel refreshed.

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