Electric Lice Vacuum Comb
Electric Lice Vacuum Comb
Electric Lice Vacuum Comb
Electric Lice Vacuum Comb

Electric Lice Vacuum Comb

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 Electric Lice Vacuum Comb

Our Electric Lice Vacuum Comb has been developed to eliminate lice and fleas

  • This product is 100% toxin free and able to kill lice and fleas effectively for both humans and animals. 

Electric Lice Vacuum Features

  • Safe - Our Electric Lice Comb is toxin free and FDA registered device, the device instantly vacuums head lice and eggs (nits) including super lice without harming the scalp. Lice COmb
  • Effective - Vacuumed Lice and Eggs gets sucked into filter that can be replaced and cleaned. Comes with 3 washable filter.
  • Easy on animals - The Electric Lice comb is reusable for both children and adults. This gentle, yet effective treatment is safe for home use. 
  • Disposal - Detach the filter and snap on the lid.


Our Electric Lice Vacuum Comb is a safe, easy, and effective way to treat lice and super lice.

      • Trusted Expertise – Recommended!
      • Easy-Applicator – Evenly distributes gel throughout hair, from roots to ends, to coat lice and eggs
      • Mess-free Treatment – mess free gel to hair and stays in place; no drips nor messes
      • Safe & Non-toxic – Harsh on lice and super lice, with no harmful chemicals or pesticides

Avoid the aggravation of ineffective treatments and select a proven solution to get rid of lice, so you can make your schedule yours again and spend time where it matters most – on you and your family.


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