Fruit Facial Steamer
Fruit Facial Steamer
Fruit Facial Steamer
Fruit Facial Steamer
Fruit Facial Steamer
Fruit Facial Steamer

Fruit Facial Steamer

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Start feeding your skin healthy fruits and say good-bye to the dull and dirty skin with the new Fruit Nano Mist Facial Steamer! Nano Mist Facial Steamer

Unclog your pores, cure blackheads and moisturize your skin by absorbing steamed fruits, vegetables or essential oils in your skin. Hydrate your skin and boost blood circulation by using cut fruit, herbs, dried flowers or other natural elements of your choosing. Cut down costly and unhealthy routines now that you can get your DIY Fruit Nano Mist Facial Steamer!Best Fruit Nano Mist Facial Steamer


  • Penetrates deep to remove soil and moisturize your skin. It also controls blood circulation, reduces wrinkles and significantly eliminates blackheads from your pores.
  • Breaks up phlegm in sinus cavities and allows for better sinus functioning.
  • Stylish and easy-to-use model.
  • Steams your face with natural and healthy ingredients

How to Use Fruit Nano Mist Facial Steamer


  • It can be used on natural, oily, dry, mixed and sensitive skin types.
  • Fast-release of hot steam in three minutes.
  • Ergonomically designed with aluminum assembly bowl, easy to clean, rust-proof and corrosion-proof.
  • Promotes the regeneration of collagen and preserves smooth skin.
  • Whitens your face by reducing the pigmentation spots.
  • Soothing steam opens up pores that help remove dirt, bacteria and traces of makeup.
  • The compact design makes it easy to take anywhere and everywhere.

Fruit Nano Mist Facial Steamer Reviews

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