Lumino Kicks - LED Kicks
Lumino Kicks - LED Kicks
Lumino Kicks - LED Kicks
Lumino Kicks - LED Kicks
Lumino Kicks - LED Kicks
Lumino Kicks - LED Kicks
Lumino Kicks - LED Kicks

Lumino Kicks - LED Kicks

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Lumino Kicks

Surprise everyone around you with the most upgraded illuminating kicks. Introducing Lumino's, the latest Optic Fiber Sneakers that will grab attention wherever you go while providing sheer comfort.

Made with elastic and breathable knit fabric and Eva foam, Luminos is super light and sturdy. The optic fiber is knitted inside the fabric which provides safety and illumination while making it heat-proof and weather-proof.

Unlike existing LED sneakers that heat up too much, these sneakers never heat up and consume negligible energy to light up your way 2x brighter, a luminescence that is visible during daytime as well.
So, Use them as a regular pair during the day and be the center of attraction during the night with Luminos.

Measure the insole length and follow this chart to find your ideal fit.


  • Sleek and Sporty: The design of Luminos is very sporty which makes it ideal for parties, concerts, music festivals, jogging, and even workout. Available in three different colors to match with your wardrobe, you can also use different light settings to match with your clothes.
  • Rechargeable: Luminos can be easily recharged with an adapter, power bank or laptop using a USB cable. 3 hours of charge and it will back you up for more than 8 hours straight. The charging ports are present near the heel strap in each sneaker.
  • Multi-colored: Luminos can light up in 7 different colors. They are Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Turquoise, Purple and White. Controlled by a button near the charging port, you can switch between multi-colors and patterns of illumination.
  • Easy to Clean: Being splash-proof, Luminos can be cleaned with a damp cloth but first wait for the battery to drain. After cleaning them, keep them in a ventilated place for some time. Charge them again when they are completely dry and they’ll be good as new.

    Note: Clean with damp cloth, do not immerse in water.
  • High-Quality Materials: Made with premium Polyurethane, Silicone, and Eva foam, Luminos is very durable and comfortable. The inner fabric of the sneaker is ultra-flexible while its anti-wear sole reduces the stress on your heels and toes.

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