Outdoor Water Purifier
Outdoor Water Purifier

Outdoor Water Purifier

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Are you a traveller who likes to visit far-off natural spots but often faces the problem of drinking hygienic water? 

Don't worry! Say thanks to modern technology that now you can have your own emergency water filter! Yes, this mini portable water filter is a must travelling companion if you don't want to feel dependant on the availability of drinkable water wherever you want to go hiking or camping.

In addition to that, this water filter is an extremely handy item for traveling. It is lightweight and hence easy to carry wherever you go. Now, you can plan your trips without ever worrying about the availability of drinkable water. 

Features and benefits:

  • features 4 stages of filtration of water
  • made up of high quality and durable material that is highly temperature resistant and is not likely to get easily damaged.
  • offers a spacious contact area for water and strong adsorption for making consumption of water easy for you.
  • equipped with the UF filter core that retains the important and beneficial minerals and removes the waste elements from the water to filter it effectively.
  • features multi-layer filter straw
  • non-complex style suitable for outdoor usage.
  • Filtration life: around 5000L


  • Material: ABS
  • Weight: 0.254 kg
  • Application Temperature: 0 to 32.2 Celsius 
  • Dimensions: 170x80x50 mm

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