RC Wall Climbing Car
RC Wall Climbing Car
RC Wall Climbing Car
RC Wall Climbing Car

RC Wall Climbing Car

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If your kids love remote control toys then this is the perfect toy for them

Using suction technology, the gravity defying car can drive on any smooth surface such as floors, walls, windows, glass and even ceilings!


  • Wall climbing car with LED headlights
  • Can be used on any smooth surface; such as floors, walls, windows, glass and even ceilings
  • Ultra lightweight yet heavy duty and shockproof body that won't break if it falls from the ceiling or wall
  • Comes with infrared remote controller, you can control the running speeds and directions
  • Suction Technology - allows the racer to climb vertical walls and glass walls at full speed and to drive upside down on ceilings.
  • Rotate in 360 degree when racing, forwarding and reversing
  • Recharge cars from the infrared remote control


This incredible Remote Control Wall Climbing Car seems to defy gravity as it drives over walls, windows, glass doors and even upside down on ceilings, or you can push it on flat surfaces. The trick, huh? This anti-gravity, remote control car uses vacuum energy along its undercarriage, which produces a powerful suction that enables it to travel over walls and ceilings and can turn on a dime!

The car is rechargeable and comes with a USB quick charger to power up fast!

The seemingly impossible abilities render the Wall Climber Car a great gift for children aged 3 and up. See their absolute delight and enthusiasm as they seem to defy all the laws of gravity! 5Features

  • ANTI-GRAVITY: Uses vacuum power along the underside of the Wall Climber Car to create a suction, which allows it to climb
  • SURVIVE STEEP FALLS: Making it perfect for kids of all ages (3+).
  • MULTI-SURFACE: Works on walls, ceilings, glass, or smooth floors.
  • Battery: Rechargeable battery for multiple uses


PACKAGE INCLUDES: x CarRemote Control, USB Cable

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