Removal Nail Gel
Removal Nail Gel

Removal Nail Gel

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Are you getting annoyed with gel manicures that won't easily come off?

Let's face it, gel polish may be one of the greatest beauty inventions, but removing them is another story. But worry no more! With Our Removal Gel, it gets off quickly and it won't hurt your nails. In just 2 minutes, you are all set for your next divine manicure session.



Unlike the traditional way of removing gel polish that requires soaking, waiting and filing it off, our Removal Gel saves time and  very convenient to apply. What more, you need not leave the comforts of your home and spend precious money on Salon appointments. With our Removal Gel, you'll always have fantastic nails your friends will envy and adore. 



  • Save money and get a gentle salon-quality nail removal solution.
  • Save time with our quick and easy steps, the gel polish rapidly breaks down upon application. 
  • Leaves your nails squeaky clean, smooth and damage-free, no foiling, scraping or sanding necessarily 
  • Safe to use - non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and pregnancy safe.

 Gel Polish Magic Remover 1


  1. Polish the top coat first.
  2. Apply the Removal gel on nail polish, avoid the side of the nails.
  3. Wait for 2 minutes, the nail polish will burst and fall off.
  4. Remove the nail polish by cuticle polisher.

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